Scope of our work

Property Investment

We identify a property for investment, We then Pull Investors and work on purchasing the Property. This Portfolio will cover Allocation of Shares and Legal Paperwork.



Property Acquisition

Once the Property is purchased with the funds invested, The Investors will get a return of investment throughout the life-span of the property and a certain share of ownership.

Property Maintenance

The Property shall be maintained to be in good condition by the Investors to ensure high quality.

How to Join the Investment Group?

Once-off Joining fee of R 200 for Phase C, This shall be used to draft the Legal Contracts to be served to the Investor. This is non-refundable

The details of each investors to be saved for regular communication purposes.

Banking details shall also be provided for investment.

Should any party wish to join, an induction on the Investment Group shall be done before the Joining fee is paid and consitutition served.

Monthly contributions is dependend on the Phase you in (Phase C, B or A)

What is Covered under Phase C?

  • Need 50 Investors to raise R 2,Million in 20 Months by Contributing R 2 000 pm.

  • An Extra R 50 pm for Admin is payable.

  • Once the target of R 2,M is reached, It shall be used on a Development or Investment of a Property.

  • Upon the completion of the project, Investors shall get the Returns of Investment bi-annually or annually for the entire lifespan of the property.

  • Phase B and A shall be covered once the target on phase C is reached.

Simplifying Phase C?

  • R 2M raised by 50 Investors in 20 months.
  • We buy and or invest in a Property to generate a stable income.

  • Profit to be shared amongst the investors equally or depending on whether you contributed more than the required R 2 000.